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I plan my year around Artemis and Iain's trips now. Just 4 photographers, at least 2 great models ( Including Artemis herself of course.) Themed shoots, enough free 1/1 shooting. Great food from IainT catering for any particular dietary need. A beautiful Villa.

Transport to pre-scouted sites away from the villa. Usually transport to and from the Airport. On top of that a great bunch of people that I've found generally friendly and helpful. I've made some lasting friendships on these visits.

As far as Artemis is concerned, well, everybody knows how good she is. What some might not know is how much attention she puts into the detail of her trips (everything she does really.) I'm always amazed at how she manages to keep them so fresh. On top of all that of course everyone goes home with some incredible images.

It's probably a measure of how good Artemis and Iain's trips are that so many people return again and again.

Thanks Artemis. thanks Iain, and thanks to all the wonderful models that have supported you on your Luxury Photographic Holidays.

See you soon.



I had the pleasure of modelling for one of the Artemisian trips alongside the multi-talented force of nature that is Miss Artemis Fauna.

It really is a pleasure! These trips are such a wonderful mix of fun, creativity and productivity! I enjoyed my time working on the trip SO MUCH.

The hard work and thought that goes into the planning, styling and important small details is incredibly impressive. The scenes, themes and locations to shoot are so stunning and inspiring, from both perspectives! The villas that are chosen are to die for! The all inclusive catering (tasty breakfasts, lunch, dinners and desserts by Iain!), care and lovely service, makes everyone feel great, and spending each evening enjoying the food and wine, relaxing and chatting after each fabulous day of shooting is fantastic.

The whole experience is relaxing, exciting, warm, welcoming and thoroughly memorable.


I CANNOT WAIT to model on another, in Sicily next year and make more awesome images and memories


I had the immense pleasure of going on Artemis's May/June Portugal holiday in 2018 and it was the photographic holiday of a lifetime.


I joined 3 other photographers who had already been on several of these events and called themselves the bad boys, and I was immediately made to feel an honorary member. The camaraderie between the this sized group of photographers is wonderful.


Artemis herself is a force of nature and someone I admire deeply on so many levels for not only being the most wonderful model, but also the way she is the powerhouse of ideas and inspiration behind the whole experience and pours her whole heart and soul into making it as wonderful as possible; but then what else would you expect from the daughter of Zeus who had a degree in fine art. She is also a warm, welcoming, caring and very down to earth person who you can communicate with on all levels. Just watch out for her rather wicked sense of humour.


Iain provided logistic support as cook, chauffeur and general backroom boffin, who doesn't broadcast the fact that he is a stunning photographer.


The other model on my trip was Carla Monaco, who was an absolute delight as a model and person. This was not just a holiday, but somewhere to make lifelong friends. Highly, highly recommended.


Wowzers!! I recently had the amazing opportunity to work with the Artemisian team on their recent event in Tuscany.


I feel so lucky to have been a part of something so well organised. From the pre comms to saying goodbye and everything in-between you can tell Artemis and Ian work tirelessly to make it run smoothly.


They did a recci beforehand to find locations suitable for everyone and to cater for dietary requirements, in my case being vegan. Ian made sure I was well fed and a happy model throughout.

If you are looking to book onto an organised event, this is the one, it's a great environment to meet like minded individuals and have a real photographic holiday experience together. It is unlike anything I have worked on before and I hope to be a part of more events like this in the future 

Highly recommended!! x


I've been taking part in these trips from the beginning of this venture and I've booked onto two trips to Tuscany this year.


It's not just a photo shoot it's also a fabulous holiday in a superb villa. Not only a chance to shoot with the best models it's a social gathering with old photographer friends (sorry, less of the 'old'), Artemis, Iain and the second model. It's the most exciting yet chilled few days imaginable. As soon as I leave I'm looking forward to the next.


Artemis pushes us photographers out of our comfort zones with some of her themed shoots but I've enjoyed each and every one and produced amazing pictures.


Long live this brilliant venture.


I have been lucky enough to be chosen as a model for Artemisian four times now and a fifth this coming May to Sicily.

I have modeled on lots of different trips/events throughout my career and I have to say these trips have always been my favourite and the best.

Artemis as a model is incredible as you should know but also as an event organiser, Artemis skills are second to none- she really goes out of her way to make sure every little detail is perfect for all the photographer's and models she brings along.

Themed shoots that are well thought out with months of planning, buying props, styling, amazing locations.

Incredible villa's that are first class so you have the most amazing stay in luxury and in comfort.

IainT is Artemis brilliant business partner who not only drives the group everywhere but is the most amazing cook, I always feel so lucky to eat his food, beautifully prepared, tasty and catered for everyone's dietary needs, nothing is too much trouble.

Artemis and Iain work so hard on these trips, I know and see how much work goes into them and I bow down to them both, they work so bloody hard but then I wouldn't expect anything else because thats what makes them the best.

Not only are you getting an amazing trip,location, villa, themed shoots, tasty food but you will be spending time with two of the most loveliest people you could ever meet and I mean that.

I am so excited for Sicily and to make more amazing memories with the gang once again.

If you are fancying shooting abroad please consider this team, you won't regret it x


I was incredibly lucky to get the last slot on Artemisian Luxury Photographic Holidays Tuscany event. I have known both Artemis and Iain for many years so I knew this will be an amazing trip but wow, this was on another epic scale.


As expected the villa was superb, set on very high Tuscany hill with breathtaking views with wonderful grounds and rooms.

We shot at several meticulousness scouted locations and pictures are amazing. Artemis had planned some amazing themes with stunning outfits and props to shoot around villa too. You are really spoiled with the amount of different style of pictures you can create in three days. what I really like that there were plenty of opportunity to shoot your own idea too. There is loads for everybody to come away happy with plenty of images.


I had the pleasure to enjoy Iain's hospitality in Portugal before so I knew I am in for a treat. His cooking skills are legendary and everything run with great efficiency yet with a relaxed atmosphere. There were plenty of drinks and lots of beer for me! Food and drink were of the highest quality. In fact, I begin to look forward to meal times in the evening on the beautiful balcony each day.

Our models Artemis and Cariad were professional yet fun. They went out of their way to make sure that all of us got amazing images.

If you want a photographic holiday where you get really spoiled as well as take amazing images then these trips are perfect.


I just want to say a big thank to Artemis, Iain and Cariad.

Artemisian Luxury Photographic Holidays gets my highest recommendation.



Just returned from a six day Artemisian Events trip to Tuscany, and what an awesome six days.

Hospitality was second to none. Artemis and Iain ensure that all your needs are catered for. All attendees enjoyed their own private space if you needed time to unwind.

Artemis (organiser (or boss), model, scout) laid on some great themes and locations to shoot. More than willing to consider the ideas of the attendees. Ensured that everyone had ample shoot time per set / theme. If you ran out of ideas – she was there with her own. Artemis was not happy unless all the attendees were happy.

Iain (driver, chef, scout, shopper) prepared fresh meals using locally sourced produce three times a day – at nearly all meals silence descended at the table whilst the culinary delights were consumed. Even the carnivores enjoyed the vegetarian options such was the flavour!

I honestly don’t think either Artemis or Iain stopped from the moment the guests arrived at the airport to when we left at the end of the trip. And always with the mantra – ‘if you need anything or have any issues – simply let us know and we’ll do our best to resolve them’.

They even found time to accomodate a last minute request for an early bag drop as I passed the Villa.


In their desire to allow you to enjoy your time, and almost blatant refusal to let you help – makes you feel just a little guilty as they toil whilst you enjoy your time.

These tours / events do not include the word 'Luxury' for no reason.


It was my great privilege to join Artemis just before Christmas for a 1-2-1 Artemisian Luxury Photographic Weekend in Portugal.


I was picked up and dropped off at the airport, the accommodation and food was fabulous (thank you Iain!) and in between times Artemis offered up a huge range of locations and styling options for morning and afternoon mini-shoots.


In just TWO days we shot at 7 locations (including the villa), went through 12 outfit changes and created 21 different sets without it ever seeming rushed or forced.


Everything about the weekend was first class and I’ve got a whole portfolio-worth of amazing pictures to show for it.


Thank you Artemis for a truly wonderful trip!


Its probably no surprise that I have been on yet another one of these events to Italy, however on this occasion there were three models, Artemis Fauna (obviously) Cariad and Siren. Don't think we have had a trio before on these events...


The villa as usual was stunning although at this time of the year the pool temperature was a little low.

The organisation that was required to make this such a wonderful event was again second to none, Iain was on hand for the driving, shopping and most importantly the cooking, with Artemis covering the other activities...

The models were all superb with their contribution to make this such a successful week, with Siren providing some vocal entertainment in the evenings...

I think we have all come away with loads of stunning images and some great memories...

I've already booked another week on the trip to Sicily in 2020...

Highly recommended

Dave x

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