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Basic Terms and Conditions

Booking and deposit terms and conditions


Artemisian LTD requires a minimum deposit of £595 to confirm a place on any event. This has to be paid within a week of accepting your personal invite. Unless discussed directly we can not hold a place on an event for longer than this.


We currently accept payments through direct bank transfer or WISE.


Guests will be expected to cover any domestic or international bank transfer charges and PayPal fees incurred on transactions- which will be confirmed on booking via an invoice.


Payment flexibility is possible with Artemisian LTD. After the initial deposit is paid we can accept several smaller payments during the months preceding the holiday, or full payment of the remaining balance two months before the event.


Payment in full must be received no less than fifty days prior to the start date of the event.


In the event of a guest cancellation, Artemisian LTD will be under no obligation to offer any refund of monies paid. However, if Artemisian LTD can successfully re-book the cancellation with another guest then a partial or full refund of monies paid will be given depending on the circumstances.


Once a booking has been made and deposit paid, Artemisian LTD will contact you by email to confirm the booking. It is important that Artemisian LTD are kept informed regarding flight times and travel information. For each group of guests there is an appointed collection and departure time from the airport. It is crucial that flights are coordinated as far as airport schedules allow to save extended waiting time at the airport. For this reason Artemisian LTD requests that all proposed flights are discussed with the organisers prior to booking. Any guests arriving or departing outwith the appointed collection times will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the airport. 



Use of images taken on Artemisian events terms and conditions


Artemisian LTD is a hub for creativity. We want to bring out your inner artist, nurture individuality and we really do want your images to be seen and celebrated too! However, Artemisian LTD is not a platform for commercial photography.


Everyone working with Artemisian LTD is compensated at a non commercial rate. Therefore by participating in an Artemisian LTD event you are implicitly agreeing not to use any images obtained of the models involved in the event on a commercial basis in any form.


Subject to individual agreement with the models involved in the event, images created during an Artemisian LTD event may be printed for the individual’s own portfolio and used online on portfolio hosting sites, social media, blog and website form. Artemisian LTD is happy for Images to be entered into photographic competitions and salons.

When using images taken on an Artemisian LTD trip they should be clearly and properly credited. We also have a Purpleport page, facebook and an Instagram. Any site we are not able to be tagged directly- please simply credit us in the description. This goes for the models booked onto the event too. We can supply you with links if needed.


Any special conditions on any publication usage agreed between model and photographer, must also be discussed and agreed with Artemisian LTD.


Model releases. Any guest wishing to use a model release form or any form of written contract must discuss this with Artemisian LTD and the model concerned prior to the event. No form of contract or model release will be considered or signed without prior notice.


Guests attending an Artemisian LTD event agree to respect any individual models levels and comfort at all times. 


We are more than happy to listen to your queries on image usage- if you have specific projects or ideas we will do our best to accommodate them. 



Other general terms and conditions


Guests are responsible for ensuring that Artemisian LTD are aware of any special requirements, allergies or health issues. Please also advise us of any food allergies or specific dietary requirements.


Guests are responsible for organising their own travel, health and equipment insurance.


Guests are requested to fill in an emergency contact form on arrival to the villa. Regretfully we cannot begin shooting until the completed form is in our possession. This form can be emailed over if preferred before the event and a completed copy can be handed to us on arrival, or scanned back prior to the event.


To ensure the comfort of all involved Artemisian LTD will not tolerate antisocial behavior from guests and in extreme cases Artemisian LTD reserves the right to ask a guest to leave the event. The cost of the holiday will not be refunded. Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to;


~Aggressive and disrespectful behavior towards any other guests on the event, models, staff, organisers and animals 

~Any kind of secret filming/ photographing of the models when there has NOT been consent- we encourage fun behind the scenes imagery but this does not mean voyeuristic, creepy behavior- ask before you shoot

~Drunken aggressive behaviour

~Level pushing or inappropriate touching of the models


Having said this, we endeavour to resolve any issues at the time without having to resort to such extreme actions. Luckily to date, we have never had to deal with any of the issues listed above.


Guests valuables, personal property and equipment brought to the event is at their own risk, and remains the sole responsibility of the guest. We cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to guests belongings or equipment.


During the stay you will be shooting around the luxury villas we hire. Guests are requested not move any furniture. If any furniture needs to be moved for aesthetic photographic purposes please ask the organisers. If any accidental damage occurs or things stop working please advise the organisers as soon as it becomes apparent. Please treat the villas with respect- as if it were your own home.


Guests must agree that any damage through misuse or accidental breakage of any items or furniture in the villa we are hiring, will be replaced or the owners of the property will be compensated as requested.  



Safety terms and conditions

Artemisian LTD often takes guests to external locations. Some of these locations may involve steps, unpaved walkways, loose gravel underfoot, stony pathways, sharp rocks, possibly slippery surfaces and the occasional ruin or abandoned building. Each location has been checked for your safety. If it is deemed too dangerous, or bad weather makes it unsafe, we will not take you there. 


We spend time on arrival to all external locations explaining any potential safety hazards to our guests. It is vitally important that all safety advice is adhered to, in particular Artemisian LTD organisers may advise you not to climb/ clamber/ walk in certain areas. Artemisian LTD assumes no liability if guests ignore safety advice and injure themselves.


The safety and comfort of our guests and models is paramount. Please do not put yourself, or your models in any risk to “get that shot” PLEASE be sensible.


All guests are asked to read these terms and conditions prior to booking. By booking an Artemisian LTD event you are confirming that you have read and agree to our terms and conditions.



All words and text contained in this document is © 2020 Artemisian LTD and must not be copied or reproduced in part or in full without prior written permission. 

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