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About Artemisian

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation" ~ Herman Melville

How we started and what we stand for...

Back in 2015 Artemisian, or the idea of Artemisian, was first imagined. 

The original creators, Iain and Artemis, were actually helping plan a very different type of trip abroad when the idea came to us one night- what IF it doesn’t always have to be done “on the cheap” what if more time, effort, love and creativity could be put into these ‘trips abroad’ and what if WE could be the ones to do this?

 We could be the first people to take this kind of trip off in a better direction- a more meaningful and creative one. What if we could work towards organising the best all- inclusive photography trips out there?


A dream come true...


That night we made it our mission to start hosting Artemisian trips- exactly the way we thought was the best way. No expense was ever going to be spared on our trips! Since then we have been leading the way in the best luxury photography trips abroad and we haven’t looked back since.


I M P O R T A N T   2 0 2 2   A N N O U N C E M E N T 

Devastatingly Iain, Artemis' partner and soulmate of a decade passed away in January 2022 very suddenly. The magnitude of the loss for her, Iain's friends, family and the photography community is immeasurable. 

The loss of such an incredible man- that was so important to Artemis, and Artemisian- is heartbreaking.

Artemis, with only a few weeks to deal with everything that comes with someone passing away suddenly managed to find a new caterer for the Artemisian trips in 2022  and has plans to refine the catering side of Artemisian over the coming months and into 2023.


Iain only ever wanted me to be happy, do what I love and am passionate about, so although the journey is going to be difficult, painful and many, many tears will be shed- I am going to continue Artemisian.

I miss you Iain, I love you.


Who are we?

Artemis Fauna, company owner of Artemisian, is one of the UK's busiest and most versatile professional models. She has been modelling for over a decade and in between all the Artemisian admin she is still busy modelling full time.

With a first class art degree under her belt, many years hosting events in the UK and abroad and being a keen photographer herself she has the ingredients, originality and dedication to provide the best products.

Artemis is the driving force behind Artemisian and spends countless hours planning, sourcing, scouting and styling each and every event we host. She uses her art background to research for the themes we shoot and her knowledge on modelling and photography to help you walk away with the best possible images from your trips.

Although Artemis is 'boss' she is far from being intimidating! She is very down to earth, sociable and fun to be around. Many people say working with Artemis is like catching up with an old friend-she ensures that no matter what level of experience you have as a photographer, you are comfortable, happy and enjoying yourself!

She is often the joker of the group and probably the highest scorer of silly faces, photo-bombs and ridiculous outtakes!


IainT was once one of the most prolific UK glamour photographers- with hundreds of sets published in Mayfair, Men Only and Penthouse amongst others.

His keen eye for detail, building beautiful sets and soft, dreamy photographs (often inspired by Bob Guccioni) set him apart from many of the others and helped his huge success for many years. 

In 2019 Iain took a step back from his photography to focus on a new business and work more closely with Artemisain.

Iain is a keen baker, cook and story teller extraordinaire.  He is Artemisian's personal chef and chauffeur.

Iain often gets roped into shooting some of the behind the scenes and when he isn't cooking up something delicious for us in the kitchen (possibly the main reason our regulars keep coming back-!) he is on hand to help us out too.


We both pride ourselves in offering the best, most inspiring, versatile, creative and friendly trips out there. The big difference is that we truly care, we only want the best for our guests, the best for you. 

“I hear you, sometimes the best products are the most expensive”

You deserve the best- so we give you the best. We book incredible villas, top professional models from the UK and Europe. We buy fantastic local wine, the best food produce and offer you the best over all experience- from the pick up at the airport, to dropping you back off.


We look forward to welcoming you on an Artemisian trip very soon, feel free to get in touch to ask us any questions.

Be creative. Be inspired. #beartemisian

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